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3 Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Fight Your Claim

Insurance Company Tactics: A Practical Guide   We are all familiar with the friendly faces that represent the myriad of insurance companies to choose from today. Daily TV ads portray them as our helpful friends and neighbors who look out for our best interest. Yet when faced with an auto accident claim, the reality is often…Read More

Protecting Your Driving Privileges After a DUI

Being arrested for DUI can be a traumatic experience, one whose impact goes far beyond the courtroom. It can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from how you get to work to how you are viewed by friends and family. At Jeff GOULD Law, we know being arrested for driving under the influence can…Read More

Can You Sue for COVID-19 Infection?

Unfortunately, the U.S. can be a fairly litigious country. Given how easily COVID-19 spreads and how serious a threat it represents, you may be wondering about potential liability from infection. If you test positive for COVID-19, and you are fairly certain you know who gave it to you (who really knows with all that has…Read More

What to Know if You Are Injured as a Passenger

At Jeff GOULD Law, we know that being a passenger during a car accident can be distressing, especially if you are injured. As a passenger, it can be hard to know exactly what legal process you should follow. In particular, if you’ve been left with severe injuries and questions about paying your medical bills. When…Read More

What To Do If You’re Bitten By A Dog

Dogs are primarily considered to be man’s best friend. Most dogs are happy to provide endless companionship, friendship, and loyalty. But even the most docile canine can snap under certain circumstances and act defensively if they have been hurt or feel threatened. Consequently, a lot of people are bitten by people’s furry companions. In fact,…Read More

Legal Fact or Fiction, Busting Common Legal Myths

When it comes to the law, there is perhaps no other practice that is as widely misrepresented in popular culture. The procedures surrounding the criminal justice process are popular topics in books, television, and movies. Crime sells, and the public has an unquenchable fascination with it. At Jeff GOULD Law, we know the media’s depiction…Read More

Tucson’s 2021 Bucket List

A desert city it may be, but there’s nothing sparse about Tucson. Don’t be fooled by the use of “desert” Tucson it is surrounded by mountain ranges in all directions. The landscape is varied with flowering desert, rolling hills, rugged canyons, and pine topped peaks. When it comes to things to see and do, our…Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Filing a Lawsuit

Pursuing legal action can be a daunting process for many people. Lawsuits are complicated by rules and regulations and can bear heavy emotional and financial burdens to all parties involved. When the word lawsuit comes up, we know that it often conjures images of somber judges, large courtrooms, and suited lawyers. If you don’t have…Read More

Tucson Christmas Traditions

Tucson may not be known for having a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not filled with Christmas traditions. At Jeff GOULD Law, we know some of our favorite traditions have been canceled this year due to pandemic concerns. Gone from our 2020 holiday is the Winterhaven Festival of Lights, a Tucson tradition that…Read More

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