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7 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

October 25, 2021

If you have been charged with a crime, the process and outcome of your case could be entirely dependent on your criminal defense attorney. Not every attorney may be right for you or your specific case.  At Jeff GOULD Law, the Attorney in YOUR Corner, I am a sole practitioner: so I handle every aspect of your case from start to finish. 

When determining the best legal help for yourself, it’s essential to know the right questions to ask. Here are 7 questions to ask your criminal defense attorney when choosing legal representation. 

  1. How strong is my case? 

No lawyer can make promises about the exact outcome of cases. Still, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney should be able to assess how your case may likely play out based on the preliminary information. It’s also essential to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your case according to your attorney, as this will likely shape the defense strategy that they will devise and recommend. 

  1. How often do your cases go to trial? 

The process involved with criminal defense and proceedings can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. The more quickly the case is resolved, the less grueling the process is in many ways. By negotiating a plea bargain or settling out of court, your attorney may be able to help you minimize the impact of statutory maximum sentences for certain crimes like DUI.  You can not avoid going to court and appearing before a judge and jury – however, with a competent defense, you will be guided and able to look at all options available to make sure your rights and interests are protected moving through this process.  In Arizona, most courts will require you to attend most hearings to show that you are present and accountable and respect both the court and their authority given the substantial rights and freedoms at stake in criminal proceedings.  Your attorney should know if there is a way to find a fair outcome outside of trial. 

  1. Have you handled any cases similar to mine in the past? 

It’s crucial to find an attorney who has handled many cases, but it’s even more important to find one who is knowledgeable about the specific charges you are facing. An attorney with experience handling cases similar to yours will save you time and money and will most likely offer an ideal outcome. 

  1. What will my role in the case be?

You will be playing some sort of role in your own case, and understanding your responsibilities is vital. As the defendant, you will likely be asked to provide and prepare relevant documents and background information to assist and cooperate in your defense. You may also be asked to avoid speaking to witnesses, using social media, or do your own legal work. You want to ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to help the case, and the best way to do that is to ask your attorney what will be most helpful and essential. 

  1. How long will the process be?

The amount of time it takes to resolve a case depends entirely on the case’s specifics. Your attorney can’t control how long the legal process takes, but they should be able to estimate how long it may take based on the information you provide them, the charges, and the potential strategies they plan to employ. Having an idea of how long the process will take will help you better prepare for the case. 

  1. Will you be the one working on my case? 

Many attorneys work for firms that also employ paralegals, associates, and others who help with case workloads. Attorneys often delegate certain tasks involved with your case to other members of the firm. The hourly rates for these associates may be lower, which may lessen your legal costs, but you want to make sure that your attorney is the one making important decisions about your case and overseeing the work being done.  So don’t be shy about asking your attorney if they will be the ones handling the workload involved with your case.

At Jeff GOULD Law, the Attorney in YOUR Corner, I am a sole practitioner: so I handle every aspect of your case from start to finish.  You deserve information and answers directly from your attorney: without interference or middleman.  When you have questions – Jeff GOULD has answers.  

  1. How and how often will we communicate?

You will likely have many questions throughout the process, especially if your charges leave you facing severe repercussions like incarceration. Knowing how to get a hold of your attorney when you need questions answered is important. It can also be vital for you to get regular updates as your case progresses. Think about how often you would like to get in touch with your attorney and ensure that you have the information you need to keep the communication open. 

Every case is different, but if you or someone you know faces criminal charges and seeks experienced professional assistance, contact Jeff GOULD Law, the Attorney in YOUR Corner. 

DISCLAIMER: The information on this blog/site is NOT, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.  It is for general informational use only.  You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. Further, this information does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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