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Civil and Criminal Cases: What You Should Know about the 2 Different Types of Law

December 26, 2022

Law in the United States is divided into two primary categories, civil and criminal. Some offenses will fall into only one type, while others are classified under both. There are important distinctions and similarities between the two, and it is vital to have an attorney that thoroughly understands both civil and criminal types of law. 

Whether you’re pursuing civil litigation for personal injury,  or require a criminal defense attorney for an alleged crime – at Jeff GOULD Law we will listen to your circumstances with compassion, represent you with the utmost professionalism, and protect your best interests throughout.

We’re the Attorney in YOUR corner, and Jeff GOULD Law will navigate the complexities of both civil issues to recover MAXIMIZE COMPENSATION FOR DAMAGES and in criminal matters to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS. 

1:  Parties Involved & Basis for Legal Action

In layman’s terms, a civil case is an economic or injury against an individual. In contrast, a criminal case is considered a crime against the state, even if an individual or business is the actual victim. This is why a criminal prosecutor is usually a representative of a state or federal entity, such as a city district attorney and there to protect the interests of the victim of the crime. 

In a civil action, the party initiating the suit is almost always a private citizen or business. Since a criminal case will involve an alleged municipal, state, or federal law violation, the initiating party will almost always be one of these three government entities. 

Civil cases are concerned with assessing the liability and potential negligence of the defendant (at-fault wrongdoer) and providing compensatory damages for the party harmed (claimant/plaintiff).   

Criminal cases focus on the laws that pertain to society as a whole and will therefore seek to levy penalties against the accused (rather than award compensation to the victim). 

To win a judgment in a civil case, an attorney must prove the accused party’s liability by establishing a “preponderance of evidence.” This means that it must be proven that the defendant was more likely responsible than not, which is a far less stringent burden of proof than in criminal cases. This provides an essential advantage for the plaintiff in civil lawsuits, and the attorneys at Jeff Gould Law will use this to MAXIMUM EFFECT for proving MAXIMUM DAMAGES. 

When you seek recovery for damages in a personal injury matter, we have the knowledge and experience to recover what YOU DESERVE, including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, and more. 

The burden of proof in a criminal case is much more challenging to establish when compared to a civil lawsuit. A prosecutor must convince a jury that a defendant has committed a crime “beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

If found guilty, a defendant can be penalized with fines, jail time, and other penalties like court-ordered drug testing and anger management classes. This is why you want the best criminal lawyer possible if the need arrives. We encourage you to contact Jeff GOULD Law, sooner rather than later, to avoid unnecessary complications. 

We are adept and aggressive when it comes to defending you against criminal charges and will relentlessly protect your freedoms. We are highly proficient at protecting your rights in criminal and DUI cases, specifically misdemeanors. 

We will also approach any civil litigation for your personal injury case with the exact same professionalism and vigor, ensuring you receive the MAXIMUM RECOVERY for your DAMAGES. When it comes to civil and criminal law, we  have your back, and are the Attorney in YOUR Corner!

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