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The 11 Weirdest Laws in Arizona

September 7, 2021

Arizona, the heart of the Wild West, may be best known for the red rocks of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Of course, we may have a few unusual attractions as well, but when it comes to the laws of Arizona, that’s where things really get bizarre. Below are 11 of the weirdest laws that are still on the books today. While not all of them remain enforced, a few of these unexpected regulations will leave you wondering what caused the need for them in the first place!

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  1. Just Say No to Fake Drugs
    According to Arizona statute §13-3453, it’s illegal to manufacture imitation drugs. A person can’t manufacture, distribute, or possess with intent to distribute an imitation-controlled substance.
  1. Cacti Conservation
    The Saguaro cactus is one of Arizona’s most iconic plants. The state takes so much pride in these prickly plants that a person can face 25 years in prison for cutting one down as defined in Arizona statute §3-906.
  2. Leave Those Flags Alone According to Arizona Law 13-3703, it is a class 2 misdemeanor to place a mark on a flag that could incite “physical retaliation.” You cannot draw any figure, picture, design, word, or advertisement on a flag that could be in public view. In addition, mutilating, defacing, or any other dishonorable act to a flag could result in a serious charge.
  1. Don’t Rig The Game
    In the state of Arizona, statute §13-3312 states that it is illegal to rig a crane game. As in the claw machines typically found in arcades and pizza places. While these games are difficult to win, manufacturers or machine owners cannot tamper with the machine to make it even more challenging to win a prize. In addition, you cannot misrepresent the value of crane game prizes.
  1. Pigs Have Rights!
    Did you know that it’s unlawful to feed garbage to an Arizona pig? Yes, you read that correctly. Statute §3-2664 specifies that you must obtain a permit if you want to feed garbage to swine. However, if you’re looking for a loophole, here it is: you may feed your own household garbage to swine that you raise for your own use.
  1. The Neckwear is Official
    Arizona is one of the only states, if not the only one in the country, to pass a law establishing an official piece of state neckwear. The Arizona Legislature §41-857 passed a law in 1971 declaring the Bolo tie the official neckwear of Arizona. So now you know what to wear when you visit!
  2. Don’t be an Idiot Arizona has the only law in the country known as a “Stupid Motorist Law.” Passed in 1995, statute §28-910 asserts that any driver who willingly bypasses police-enforced barricades and becomes trapped is liable for emergency rescue costs. The purpose of this weird law is to deter risky driving behavior.
  1. No Spitting!
    According to the Goodyear Code of Ordinances, §11-1-15, it’s unlawful for any person to spit on any of the public sidewalks or crosswalks in the city. It’s also illegal to spit on any public path, byway or highway, in or on any public ground or park in the city, or upon the floor or interior of any public building in the city. 
  1. Horses Are to Remain Upright
    Here’s a law that will leave you wondering just why it was created. According to Arizona statute §13-2910.09 A person who knowingly or intentionally trips an equine for entertainment or sport is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. If convicted, you’d serve a minimum of 48 hours in jail and pay a fine of at least $1,000. 
  1. The Future is to Remain Uncertain The city of Avondale has a law on its books (§15-1) that makes the acts of fortune-telling, palm-reading or palmistry illegal. Charlatans beware, if you are caught taking payment or donations for these acts you will be found guilty of a misdemeanor. Hypnotism is also prohibited unless it’s performed by an accredited doctor or dentist. (§15-2)
  1. Don’t be Wasteful
    If you’re an avid hunter or fisher, keep in mind that it is illegal to take a game bird, game mammal, or game fish and knowingly permit an edible portion to go to waste according to section §17-302 of the Fish and Game statute §17-309 

Every state has some unusual legislation in its code, as you can see, Arizona is no different.  We are clearly in a unique state, after all, we’re the only one that has official neckwear! 

Have you heard of any other strange or unusual Arizona laws? Let us know in the comments below. 

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