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Haunted Tucson

October 27, 2020

Our beautiful city, Tucson, is tucked away in the Arizona desert, surrounded by towering mountain peaks. But here at Jeff GOULD Law, we have heard some say that is not all we are surrounded by. The Tucson area has been settled for at least 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest continually inhabited places in North America. That’s a lot of time to gather spirits. We could tell you horror stories of people who have tried to fight legal battles without an attorney, but in honor of the season, today we wanted to tell you about haunted Tucson. If the stories are to be believed, you never know what kind of ghost or ghoul you could encounter here. 

A Spook and a Show 

Tucson is home to not one, but two haunted theaters. A ticket to a show at the Fox Theatre could have you viewing more than you paid for. Live performances have been interrupted when props move on their own. Unexplained giggling and other outbursts have also been observed from the wings. They even say there is a beggar who asks for change then disappears when you try to hand it to him. The Rialto Theatre is said to be a host to the ghost of a piano player as well as a past patron of the arts who died unexpectedly during a show. 

Room with a View

An office building sits where the Pioneer Hotel once was, but it seems as though some guests never got that memo. The site is believed to be haunted by no less than 30 spirits who were trapped in the hotel during a fire that claimed their lives in 1970.  Before being demolished in 2009, the Santa Rita Hotel was professed to be one of Tucson’s most haunted locations. Hotel Congress has stood in downtown Tucson since 1919. This hotel has a few spirits in residence but none so prevalent as Vince Szuda. The tale maintains he checked into the hotel in 1950, lived there till his death, and never checked out. 

Ghostly Learning 

Founded in 1885, Tucson’s University of Arizona has a long and colorful history. Students in these halls may learn some ghost stories along with their scheduled curriculum. Ghastly tales are associated with the Student Union Fountain, Maricopa Hall, Old Main, Centennial Hall, and the Modern Languages Building. From vigilantes to maintenance men, these halls of learning may have more than just students walking their corridors. 

Haunted Healing 

Some people believe that St. Mary’s Hospital occasionally provides some extra care to its patients. The story is that a nun walks the halls alerting the staff when a patient is in trouble. If you were looking for spectral free healing, steer clear of Tucson Medical Center as well. Staff and patients alike report several apparitions from a child to an older woman and even a cat! Complaints have been made about pulled hair, phantom footsteps, and disembodied voices. 

Spirits with Spirit

If you belly up to the bar at Li’l Abner’s Steakhouse, sitting next to a man wearing white while sipping a Coke, you may want to switch seats. You could be drinking with the resident ghost, George! A maintenance man who seems to have never clocked out. Another place to dine with the spirits is La Cocina. This bar is said to have not one, but five ghosts drinking nightly. There have been reports of an older woman, a little girl, a little boy, and a couple of different cowboys.

More Than You Bargained For

When searching for deals at the 22nd Street Antique Mall, be sure you don’t find more than you bargained for. From the sound of a typewriter typing on its own, to furniture found in disarray after being straightened the night before, and eerie transparent figures that suddenly vanish. This mall has some serious spooks shopping the halls. Other mischievous rumors include a radio that increases in volume on its own and the sound of breaking glass when nothing is amiss.   

The Truly Scary Stuff

With all these tales of horror and hauntings, we decided to save the really scary stuff for last. Let’s face it; sometimes, real-life can be scary. If you have been injured in an accident, trying to get your life back on track can be a real horror story. When facing DUI charges without a full understanding of the law, you can find yourself confronted with absolute dread. If there are criminal charges against you, you need Jeff GOULD Law to help turn tales of terror into happy endings. We serve the Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, and Sahuarita areas. Call the Attorney In Your Corner. Your initial consultation is free, and we’ll explain what you can expect as we work through your case. 

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